Hey, I’m Mike

I’m a computer programmer currently working for an IT company.

Ever since I was young I had a passion for gaming, but I was never really that great. I had to always scavenge the web to find hacks/scripts to improve my gameplay and dominate some noobs!

As I got older and matured, my passion for gaming lead me into computer programming. I used this knowledge to create my own scripts and hacks and eventually sold them on popular websites, you might have even heard of them (mpgh, gamehaxs).

After selling my programs for a while, I became bored and started to investigate ways to potentially hack into the databases of the companies running the games. I used to think this was impossible, but one day I stumbled upon an article that stated that Yahoo’s data had been breached. It gave me motivation to attempt my own hacking endeavor.

After countless months of trial and error I finally did it! And then I replicated the same process on other sites and after tweaking several things was able to access those databases as well. I had full view of these companies user accounts as well as private codes that unlocked special access in the game.

And now… here we are Game-Master.ml

My dad always told me “do good and good will come to you.” I created this site to share this vast resource of accounts and codes I’ve acquired with the rest of you guys. I hated having to pay for video game memberships and loathed these big game companies for ripping me off.

In return for my generosity I ask for only one thing in return. Please share my site with your friends and family and help them too acquire the goodness that you have found.

Other than that I have nothing left to say besides enjoy and have fun!