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When playing The Ants: Underground Kingdom, you’ll have to choose between three different classes, each with its own set of perks and benefits that will influence how you progress through the game. They also have some drawbacks that you should be aware of when making your choice.

Class Introduction

Unlock Class and choose 1 Class for free when the Queen reaches Lv.7.



Unique Building: Resource Processing Site. It can significantly increase resource production efficiency, and also you can use Process to gain numerous resources instantly.

Strength: Protect a certain amount of resources from being plundered

  • Gathering Speed +50%
  • Ant Troop Load +100% when gathering

Weakness: Ant Troop Attack -30% when invading

  • Ant Troop Defense -30% when invading
  • Ant Troop March Speed -30% when invading


  • Unique Building: Loot Storeroom. Increase 1 March Unit after unlocking Special Rally Center. This Formation has an extra Attack and Defense bonus and can plunder Honeydew when invading.
  • Strength: Ant Troop Load +150% when invading 40% of the Dead turn into the Injured when invading. Healing Speed +100%
  • Weakness: Plant, Meat, Wet Soil, and Sand Output -30%, Honeydew Output -30%, Ant Troop Load -50% when gathering.


  • Unique Building: Resource Channel. You can support your allies with resources after building it. You can also use Honeydew to purchase goods.
  • Strength: Honeydew Output +50%, Ant Troop Food Cost -30%, Goods Price at Ladybug Habitat -5%
  • Weakness: Resources plundered +100% when being attacked, Healing Speed -50%


Class attributes is only effective when it is activated. If you change your Class from one to another, the Buffs of the previous Class will be no longer available.

Class Change

  1. Class Change Item is needed to change your Class.
  2. The Class Level is independent among different Classes. If you change your Class to one that you have never chosen before, your Class Level will start anew from Level 1.
  3. You could change the Class when your Queen ant level raised to 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22 and 25.

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