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The most frequently asked questions about gameplay are answered in this post! If you’re a beginner investigator, this is a good place to start. I hope you enjoy reading our Criminal Case Complete Guide For Beginners, also please don’t forget to share this guide with your friends that would really help us a lot! 

How do I unlock the next case?

To move on to the next Case, you must:

1. Finish any outstanding objectives in the “Tablet” view (the “Tablet” icon can be found in the bottom left corner of your screen).

2. Open the Tablet view and click the “Unlock” button once you’ve completed all of the investigation difficulties (including the Additional Investigation).

3. To go on to the following case, you’ll need three reports. Reports can be obtained in three ways:

  • Request that three of your teammates or Facebook friends submit you reports. If you’re playing on a mobile device, you’ll need to be logged in to Facebook to use this function.
  • Wait three days, and you’ll have enough reports to instantly unlock the following Case.
  • Instantly unlock the next case If you’re playing on Facebook, you can unlock the next Case with “Cash” (which If you’re playing on a mobile device, you can buy access right away.


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  • If you’re playing on Facebook, make sure you refresh your browser before looking for Reports to be sure they load properly.
  • If you’re playing on a mobile device, make sure you have a strong Internet connection to ensure that you receive all of your friends’ Reports!
  • Requests for reports are only valid for two days after they are sent.

How do I unlock more Crime Scenes and progress in a Case?

You must complete the objectives indicated in the “Tablet” view to progress in a Case. To get to this task list, go to the bottom left corner of your screen and click the “Tablet” icon.

Certain missions will need the use of Stars (e.g. talking to suspects or playing evidence mini-games). Playing Crime Scenes will get you Stars.

Other tasks, such as autopsies or lab analysis, only take a short amount of time to accomplish. You can continue investigating Crime Scenes to earn additional Stars while you wait. If you don’t want to wait, you can always purchase an Instant Analysis to accomplish a task immediately and move forward in your research.

As you perform the above tasks, more Crime Scenes will become available, allowing you to progress farther in your investigation. If you ever feel stuck in a Case, go to your “Tablet” and see if there are any outstanding assignments that you can finish.

What is the Additional Investigation?

You’ll be prompted to follow up with some of the characters involved in the murder you just solved once you’ve apprehended the killer. You may need to assist or speak with them in order to obtain additional inside knowledge!

To unlock the next Case, you must finish the Case’s Additional Investigation (except in Case 1).

Follow these procedures to finish the Additional Investigation:

1. Open the “Tablet” to view your tasks after apprehending the killer, then click “Unlock” to obtain access to the Additional Investigation.

2. Complete all of the actions on the Tablet menu.

Each time you complete a task for a character, you will be rewarded with Coins, XP, a Burger, or an Avatar Shop item.

A Silver Medal will be awarded if you complete all of the tasks in the Additional Investigation.

What is Elite Mode?

You can replay your favorite Cases in Elite Mode to earn Bronze, Silver, and Gold Rings. Crime Scenes and mini-games will be more difficult when you join Elite Mode, pushing you to put your professional detective abilities to the test! It also allows you to achieve even higher points and demonstrate that you are the best investigator in the world!

Once you complete the Additional Investigation and all 45 Stars in a Case, Elite Mode becomes unlocked.

You can play Elite Mode Cases at the same time as standard mode Cases, however you can only open a certain amount of Elite Mode Cases at a time. If you’re having trouble unlocking more Elite Mode Cases, it’s because you need to arrest more criminals and earn more Bronze Rings.

Elite Mode is a challenge, but it also allows you to get greater points!

What is Energy and how do I get it?

In the game, energy is used to investigate crime scenes. Here are some of the different ways you can obtain energy:

  • Automatic replenishment: Your Energy Bar will automatically refill! You can resume your investigation after you have at least 20 Energy.
  • Your Energy bar will be refilled to 110 points after you Level Up.
  • Daily Bonus: Claim your Daily Bonus for at least two days in a row to begin earning Energy rewards.
  • Purchase Energy Items: Do you require immediate energy? Energy Items can also be purchased. To do so, go to the top of the screen and click the Energy bar. If you’re playing on Facebook, you’ll need to first spend Cash before you can purchase Energy Items. If you’re playing on your phone, you can buy Energy Bundle packs right away.
  • Every day on the Facebook Fan Page, free gifts, including Energy, are given out. Remember to “Like” the Fan Page to keep up with all of our exclusive offers!
  • Friends’ gifts: As a complimentary present, your teammates can send you +2 Energy. Every time they accept Energy from you, you get +1 Energy. The more team members you have, the more energy you will receive!
  • When your friends reach a certain level or rank, they can share Orange Juice or Potato Chips on Facebook. Simply click the posts on your Facebook News Feed that say “Claim Orange Juice” or “Claim Potato Chips.” Each day, you can get 3x Orange Juice and 1x Bag of Chips.
  • Additional Investigation rewards: After assisting them during the Additional Investigation, some characters will reward you with Energy.
  • Trading Extra Stars for Energy: After completing the Additional Investigation, you can exchange your remaining Stars for Energy.
  • Pets’ Lucky Finds: At the conclusion of a Crime Scene Investigation, some Pets may discover Energy or Energy Items.

What is the best way to use Energy Items?

You can utilize Energy Items (Orange Juice, Potato Chips, or Burgers) at any moment once you’ve gotten them.

To access your inventory, click on your Energy Bar. If you have any Energy Items on hand, click the “Use” button to select the one you want to use.

What are the uses of Coins and Cash?

Coins are a type of in-game cash that can be used to purchase unique game products and features like:

  • Boosters
  • Items to customize your Avatar
  • Police Pets

Here’s a list of different ways that you can earn Coins:

  • Investigate a Crime Scene: The more Coins you earn, the higher your score in each Crime Scene investigation!
  • To buy coins, go to the top of your screen and click the Coin bar. Select the Coin pack you want to buy from the pop-up menu that opens. Click “Continue” after selecting your payment option.
  • Free Coins are distributed twice a week on the Criminal Case Fan Page. Remember to “like” the Fan Page to receive daily updates on Giveaways. 🙂
  • Teammates can share Coins: As one of your Teammates progresses through a Case, they may be able to share 1000 Coins with you. These shared Rewards will appear in your News Feed on Facebook. (You can do this three times a day for a total of 3000 Coins.)
  • Collections of Lucky Cards: Once you have a complete “Clubs” collection, you can sell it for 500 Coins.
  • Additional Investigation rewards: You will be able to gain Coins by assisting characters during Additional Investigations.
  • Daily Bonus: Collect your Daily Bonus to get Coins.
  • Progress through or finish a Chapter: Chapters are separated into sections. Coins are awarded when you complete one of these segments or the entire chapter.

What is Cash for?

Cash is an in-game money that lets you move faster in the game and is only available on the computer version of the game. It can be used to:

  • In the lab, you can get an instant analysis.
  • To access new Case, go to Reports.
  • Invest in Energy Products
  • Adopt Premium Pets from the Police Department’s Pet Shops

What is the best way to obtain Money?

  1. At the top of the game screen, click the Cash bar.
  2. Next to the Cash pack of your choosing, click “Buy.”
  3. You’ll see a pop-up window where you may choose your payment option. Fill in the payment information that is necessary.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts until you’ve finished your transaction.
  5. Please refresh the game if your Cash does not appear right away.


  • Playing the game will not earn you any money.
  • The mobile app does not include a Cash option. Energy Items, Reports, Instant Analysis, and Pets can all be purchased directly. If you also play on Facebook, you can use a desktop computer to acquire and utilize Cash as usual.

What are Lucky Cards?

Lucky Cards are gifts that can be traded in for Energy Items, XP or Coins. You can receive Lucky Cards in the following situations:

  • A Teammate selects you as a Partner for a Crime Scene investigation and sends you a Card at the end of a stage
  • Someone collects the Coins, Orange Juice or Chips that you shared on your Facebook Timeline and sends you a Card in return
  • When Police Pets have the ability to find Lucky Cards at the end of an investigation

Once you have a complete collection of the same suit, you can trade it in! A complete Collection is composed of 5 cards: an Ace, a King, a Queen, a Jack and a “10.”

If you’ve completed a collection, a “New Collection!” bubble will appear next to the Lucky Cards icon on the Map screen. To trade it in, click the Card icon then click “Trade in” next to any Lucky Card series that is complete. Once traded in, the corresponding gift will be automatically credited to your inventory.

What is the Daily Bonus?

The Daily Bonus is a free gift you can receive everyday. To claim your Daily Bonus, click on the blue gift icon on the left side of the Map screen.

What you receive depends on the number of consecutive days you have played. You will either get Coins or Energy Items:

  • Day 1: 1000x Coins
  • Day 2: 10 Energy
  • Day 3: 20 Energy
  • Day 4: 5000x Coins
  • Day 5: 50 Energy


If you continue to collect the Daily Bonus for more than five consecutive days, you will be awarded 50 Energy every day!

If you stop playing the game for a day, you will go back to the Day 1 bonus reward of 1000x Coins.

The daily cut off for collecting bonuses is 00:00 UTC. To calculate what this corresponds to in your local timezone,.

After 00:00 UCT, your Daily Bonus counter will reset to Day 1 if you haven’t claimed your bonus.


  1. I start playing Criminal Case for the first time on Day 1 and claim my Daily Bonus. I get 1000x Coins.
  2. I come back on Day 2 and claim my Daily Bonus. I get 10 Energy instead.
  3. On Day 3, I play Criminal Case but I forget to claim my Daily Bonus. I do not get anything.
  4. On Day 4, I remember to claim my Daily Bonus. I get 5000x Coins!
  5. I come back on Day 5 and also claim my Daily Bonus. I get 50 Energy.
  6. During 3 more days I come back everyday and claim my Daily Bonus. On Day 5, 6, 7 and 8, I get 50 Energy.
  7. Unfortunately I did not have time to play at all on Day 9. When I come back on Day 10 and claim my Daily Bonus, I get 1000x Coins.

The number of consecutive days you have claimed your Daily Bonus also determines how many Hints you will offer to your Teammates when they choose you as a Partner.

What are Hints? Why do some of my Teammates sometimes have less Hints?

If you are stuck in the middle of a Crime Scene Investigation, you can use Hints to locate hidden objects.

Hints are provided by the Partner you have selected to investigate a Crime Scene. The number of Hints available (from 1 to 5) is visible on the Partner select screen and in the bottom right corner while investigating a Crime Scene.

To use a Hint during an investigation, click on your Partner’s Avatar in the bottom right corner. A hand will then appear, pointing towards one of the remaining objects to find.


  • Use Hints when you are stuck and cannot find the last item(s) to complete a the Crime Scene.
  • If you have used all the available Hints, the Hint circle will start to slowly refill until 1 Hint becomes available again.
  • Every unused Hint at the end of the Scene will give you 20,000 additional points. You can thus get up to 100,000 extra points!
  • You can investigate a Crime Scene and have 5 available Hints, even if your Partner has only 1 Hint to offer, thanks to the “5 Hints” Booster!


Why so some of my Partners have more or less Hints?

The number of Hints available to you during an investigation depends on the number of consecutive days your Partner has been playing Criminal Case.

If they remember to play the game for 5 straight days or more, they will have 5 Hints to offer! If they fail to play Criminal Case during one day, their Hint counter goes back to 1.

Likewise, if you play everyday, you will have more Hints to offer your Teammates. With more hints, your friend will be more likely to select you as a Partner, and the more often you are selected as a Partner, the more Lucky Cards you will receive (unless your Teammate chooses to skip this step).

What are Boosters?

Boosters are special power-ups that help you attain a high-score or find objects faster! They can be purchased with Coins on the “Select a Partner” screen just before launching a Crime Scene investigation.

There are 3 different Boosters:

  • Instant Magnifier (costs 500 Coins): Instantly displays a preview of the hidden items in the Crime Scene when you hover your mouse over the item name (if you’re on a mobile device, just touch and hold your finger on the item name). This booster is not available for Differences and Puzzle Bonus Crime Scenes. TIP: Use an Instant Magnifier at the beginning of a Crime Scene to learn where all the objects are.
  • 5 Hints (costs 1500 Coins): Play Crime Scenes with 5 Hints, no matter how many Hints your Partner has! If you don’t use all these Hints during your investigation, you’ll have a higher Hint Bonus Score. This booster is best utilized when your Partner has only a few Hints to offer. If your Partner already has 5 Hints available, this booster will not be deducted from your inventory.
  • x6 Combo Starter (costs 3000 Coins): Start Crime Scenes with a completely filled out Combo Bar. Use it to increase your score!


  • Boosters automatically unlock when you reach Level 5.
  • You can use several different boosters at the same time.
  • Boosters are for instant use. You cannot save them for later.
  • If you’re playing on your computer and you make a mistake when purchasing boosters, close the game before clicking “Play!”. When you reload the game your Coins will have returned to your inventory.


What are Teammates good for?

Having Teammates can have a positive effect on your game success! Here are some of the things they can help you with:

Assist you in Crime Scenes

Partner up with a Teammate when you enter a Crime Scene. If they have played 5 or more days in a row, they will offer you a full 5 Hints to help you find Items faster and get a higher score!

At the end of the round, you get the opportunity to send them a Lucky Card in thanks for their help. If they choose you as a partner in their game, they may send you a Lucky Card as well.

Fill out Reports

Teammates can send you 3 Reports to unlock your next Case. To take advantage of this, you first need to send out Report requests to your friends.

Send you Energy

Teammates can send you +2 Energy as a daily free gift. You also get +1 Energy every time they accept Energy from you. The more Teammates you have, the more Energy you receive!

How do I get a Police Pet and what do they do?

Why should I get a Police Pet?

Police Pets can help you find items (Orange Juice, Energy, Coins, Lucky Cards) called “Lucky Finds” at the end of Crime Scene investigations.

The Lucky Find you get depends on the Special Skills of the pets you’ve adopted. For example, the German Shepherd can either find 1000 Coins or a Lucky Card, while the King Charles Spaniel will either find 15 XP or a Lucky Card.

How do I get a Police Pet?

There is a Police Pet Shop in each District of Grimsborough, Pacific Bay and the World Edition. You can access Police Pet Shops in previous Districts; you are not restricted to your current District. Also, Pets are not limited to the District where you have adopted them – they can accompany you to any District and Case!

To unlock Police Pet Shops, you will need Gold Medals. You earn Gold Medals by completing all 45/45 Stars in a Case. The Gold Medals that you earn are only valid to unlock Pet Shops in the City in which you earned them (e.g. Gold Medals earned in Grimsborough will not count towards unlocking Pet Shops in Pacific Bay).

Most Dogs can be purchased with Coins, but premium Pets can only be bought with game Cash (on Facebook) or via direct purchase (on the mobile app).

Adopting a Pet

Once you have the required amount of Gold Medals to unlock the Pet Shop, go to the Map view and click on the “Dog” icon in any District you have access to. Choose the pet you want and click “Adopt.”

Equipping a Pet

Equipping a Pet means that it will accompany you during all future Crime Scene Investigations until you decide to unequip it.

To equip a Pet or change from one Pet to another, open the Map view and click on the “Dog Bowl” icon. The “Dog House” appears. Click on the green arrows on each side of the pop-up to select the Pet you want, then click the “Equip” button.

How do I make my Police Pet evolve?

Making your Pet evolve will improve its Special Skill, increasing your probability of getting Lucky Finds! Once you have adopted one or more Pets, you will be able to evolve them by increasing their Loyalty.

The progression of your Pet’s Loyalty can be followed by checking the Loyalty bar in the Dog House.

You can increase your Pet’s level of Loyalty by feeding it. To do this, click on the “Dog bowl” icon visible in Map view. Use the green arrows to select the Pet you want to feed. Choose food for your Pet:

  • The Bone gives 1 Loyalty point and is consumed in 5 minutes
  • The Fish gives 5 Loyalty points and is consumed in 4 hours
  • The Chicken wing gives 10 Loyalty points and is consumed in 12 hours
  • The Ham gives 10 Loyalty points and is consumed instantly (this is a purchasable, premium Pet food)

Once your Pet has finished its meal, you can immediately feed it again!

Feeding Tips:

  • Bones are the best food to give to your Pets while you are playing, as you can go back and feed them often and easily.
  • The Chicken wing is the best food to give to your Pet before going to sleep, as it takes longer for your Pet to finish it.
  • A Pet can eat Ham while it is eating something else.
  • Nothing bad will happen to your Pet if you forget to feed it. 🙂

Your Police Pet Can Level Up

When your Pet’s Loyalty bar is full, it will gain a Loyalty level and its abilities will improve.

In addition, your Pet will grow up when it reaches the 3rd and 5th Loyalty levels, getting a new appearance! Once it reaches Loyalty level 5, your Pet has reached its highest Loyalty level and cannot improve its Special Skill any further.

What is the Message Center?

In the Message Center you can find requests and gifts that your Teammates have sent you.

You can access your Message Center by clicking the Envelope icon on the left side of the Map screen.

If you’re playing on mobile, you must first connect to Facebook in order to receive messages that your Teammates send you.

There are 4 different types of messages: Teammates requests, Reports requests, Energy gifts and Thank You gifts.

The messages in your inbox will be ordered according to their type. The number of messages you can receive varies according to the type of message. Once you reach the inbox limit for a particular type of message, all additional incoming messages of that type will automatically be deleted. All messages remain active for 3 days. They are automatically deleted if you do not accept them before their expiration date.

The messages are ordered as follows:

1. Teammate requests

2. Report requests

3. Energy gifts (+2 Energy)

4. Thank You gifts (+1 Energy and Lucky Cards)

If you’re playing on Facebook (computer version) there is a limit to how many messages can be displayed at one time. Once you have accepted the all visible messages, you may need to reload your Message Center to display more messages

Why should I get all the Stars in a Case?

There are two benefits to earning all Stars in a Case:

  1. You earn a Gold Medal. Gold Medals enable you to unlock the Police Pet Shops!Furthermore, the Gold Medal gives you access to replay the Case in Elite Mode.
  2. Once you have arrested the killer and completed the Additional Investigation, you can trade your Stars for extra Energy.

Earning the Gold Medal

In every Case, you can earn a Gold Medal. To do so, you need to complete 3 steps:

  1. Get the Bronze Medal by arresting the killer.
  2. Get the Silver Medal by completing the Additional Investigations.
  3. Get the Gold Medal by earning all 45 Stars in a Case. This means filling all 5 Stars in each of the 9 Crime Scenes. (Note: Case 1 only has 15 Stars, and Case 2 only has 30 Stars.)

Trade your Stars for extra Energy Items

In each Case (except Case 1 and 2) there are 45 Stars to earn. You need 36 Stars to perform all the actions in a Case, meaning you can continue earning up to 9 extra Stars at the end of a Case. You can trade those extra Stars for Energy Items!

As soon as you finish all required tasks in any given Case, you will have the option to trade in your Stars in the Tablet menu. Once you have earned enough Stars, click the “Buy for” button next to the Energy Item of your choice.

Can Stars be transferred from one Case to another?

No, Stars cannot be transferred from one Case to another. They have to be used in the Case they were earned in.

But even though Stars don’t roll over to the next Case, they are still useful! After completing the Additional Investigation segment of a Case, you can trade in your remaining Stars for Energy Items!

What happens when I Level or Rank Up?

As you progress in the game, you will earn XP points. You can keep track of how many XP points you have by having a look at the blue bar on the top left of your game screen. As you gain more XP points, you will Level Up (e.g. from Level 2 to 3, from Level 3 to 4). This is what happens when you do:

1. Your Energy bar is refilled to 110 Energy

For example, if you have 70 Energy points when you Level Up, you will gain 40 new Energy points (for a total of 110 Energy points). However, if you have more than 110 Energy points when you Level Up, you will not lose any of it but you won’t gain any either.


Keep an eye on your XP bar and always try to use up your Energy before you are about to Level Up. Strategically consume (or rather, don’t consume!) your Energy Items before a Level Up in order to make the most of them.

2. You and your friends can share an orange juice.

Every time you Level Up, you’ll be able to share free Orange Juice with your Facebook friends. It will show up in your friends’ Facebook News Feeds as a post. To claim the post, they simply need to click on it! They will be given the option of sending you a Lucky Card if they do so. Win-win! (To utilize this function as a mobile user, you must be connected to Facebook and have access to the Internet.)

Please note that you do not get an Orange Juice when you Level Up; only your friends can receive it. However they will be grateful and hopefully return the favor when they get a chance.

3. You unlock new Avatar items

After the first three levels, you’ll be able to unlock new Avatar Items. They’ll be available for purchase in the Avatar Shop so you may personalize your avatar even more.

When you reach a new Rank:

Sometimes when you Level Up, you also reach a new Rank (e.g. Deputy). When this happens, in addition to getting the opportunity to share free Orange Juice on Facebook, you have the opportunity to share free Potato Chips with your friends.

There are currently 17 Rank Ups and they occur when you reach the following Levels:

  • Level 1: Officer
  • Level 5: Deputy
  • Level 12: Detective
  • Level 20: Corporal
  • Level 32: Sergeant
  • Level 45: Lieutenant
  • Level 60: Captain
  • Level 75: Major
  • Level 100: Inspector
  • Level 125: Lead Inspector
  • Level 150: Commander
  • Level 175: Deputy Chief
  • Level 200: Commissioner
  • Level 250: Sheriff
  • Level 300: Ranger
  • Level 350: Marshal
  • Level 400: Senior Trooper
  • Level 500: General
  • Level 600: Secret Agent

What happens if I’m interrupted during a Crime Scene investigation?

You’re playing on a computer:

If, for whatever reason, you need to quit or refresh your browser in the middle of a Crime Scene investigation, you will be given two options when you reload the game:

  • Abandon the Crime Scene
  • Resume the Crime Scene

When you abandon a Crime Scene:

  • The 20 Energy you used to enter the Crime Scene are not restored
  • If you were using Boosters before the page was refreshed, these Boosters are considered used and are not restored to your inventory

When you resume a Crime Scene:

  • You can play the Crime Scene investigation that you began
  • The time counter displays an infinity symbol and you will not be able to benefit from any Time Bonus
  • If you were using Boosters before the page was refreshed, these Boosters are considered used and are not restored to your inventory
  • Your previous Partner becomes unavailable and is replaced by Jones

You’re playing on a mobile device:

When the app is shut down during a Crime Scene investigation (e.g. force closed or your battery runs out):

  • You are unable to continue your interrupted Crime Scene investigation
  • The 20 Energy you used to enter the Crime Scene are not restored
  • If you were using Boosters, these Boosters are considered used and are not restored to your inventory

When you have been interrupted during a Crime Scene investigation (e.g. phone call or text message):

  • You are able to return to your Crime Scene investigation and continue where you left off
  • The time counter will keep running during your absence

Why can’t I play Cases in Pacific Bay or the World Edition?

As the story line is linear, in order for you to play in a new city, you will have to solve all the Cases in your current city. That means, after you have solved the last Case in Grimsborough, the story will take you to Pacific Bay. If you then have solved all Cases in Pacific Bay, you will be asked to investigate in the World Edition!

Keep investigating and following the story – there are always new adventures ahead!

How do I change my Avatar’s clothes and gender?

Customize your Avatar:

Customizing your Avatar with different outfits, hairstyles and faces is a fun way to create an original avatar to show off to your Teammates! 🙂 Switch it up as often as you like!

How to customize your Avatar:

  • Click the Blue T-shirt icon on the Map screen
  • Use the tabs to select one of the 4 categories: Clothes, Accessories, Hair or Face
  • Click on the various Items to get a preview of what they’ll look like on your Avatar
  • When you find an Avatar Item that you like, click the “Buy” button below the Item (if it’s already in your Inventory, skip to step 6)
  • A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the purchase of the Item with Coins
  • “Equip” / “Unequip” the Items you own to customize your Avatar as you wish

Please note that after trying on or buying an Avatar Item, you must click “equip” underneath the item in order to “wear” it.

If you’re playing on a mobile device, we also recommend increasing your game XP (by playing a Crime Scene) after changing your Avatar in order to save and synchronize any changes you make (this is because synchronization is based off of your highest XP value).

Change your Avatar’s gender:

You can also change your Avatar’s gender. If you do this, please note that you will not get the corresponding gender equivalent Items of those you had earned or bought for the other gender. However if you change your gender back again, you will recover all the Items you had previously bought.

In other words, you can be rewarded or buy Items for both genders, but those Items will be exclusively available for the gender that you bought them for.

How to change your Avatar’s gender:

  • Click the Blue T-shirt icon on the Map screen
  • Click the “Change Gender” button
  • A pop-up will appear asking you if you really want to change your Avatar’s gender for 1500 Coins – click the “Confirm” button

What is the “Calm Down” effect? How do I get the “Relax” Trophy?

What is the “Calm Down” effect?

The “Calm Down” effect is a 3 second time penalty for multiple and quick misclicking (that is to say, clicking on incorrect items or on the background). When this happens, officer Jones will appear to tell you, “We need to calm down” and you will be blocked from further clicks for 3 seconds.

How do I get the “Relax” Trophy?

To earn the “Relax” Trophy, you need to receive the “Calm Down” effect at least 5 times. To get all 5 “Relax” Trophies you need “Calm Down” at least 50 times.

Can I reset the game to start over from the beginning?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to reset the game.

If you really want to restart from the beginning, you can play Criminal Case on another Facebook account. However, before doing so, please take time to review Facebook’s policy regarding personal accounts:

If you’re playing on the mobile app, and you’re NOT Facebook connected, you can uninstall and reinstall your app to reset your progress. Please note that this cannot be undone!

I believe I came upon a phishing page or a phony offer. How am I supposed to know?

Despite their efforts to combat frauds, certain dangerous comments or links may emerge in user comments below our daily updates on the official Criminal Case Fan Page.

These links will take you to a scam page with implausible offers for free in-game items (burgers, energy, cash, coins, etc.). These pages will frequently ask you to “like,” “comment,” “post,” and/or “share” anything in exchange for a free gift.

You will never receive anything in this fashion, and we strongly advise you to avoid taking any of the aforementioned steps.

The following are the only links that provide free in-game items:

As identified by the blue “check” badge, the Criminal Case Fan Page is the only Facebook “Verified Page” about the game.

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