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Hi in this Disney Wonderful Worlds Park Builder Guide you will learn all the necessary tips and tricks that you will find useful if you are new to this game, so without wasting much time let’s get going.

Disney Wonderful Worlds Gameplay

The player must restore the Disney Parks’ themed regions throughout Disney Wonderful Worlds. To repair the lands, the player must collect money by playing match-3 stages, which will assist them in completing the entire area. The more successful matches a player makes throughout gameplay, the more power-ups he or she will receive. Optional boosts/enhancements are occasionally available to employ during gaming if the level becomes difficult. At the Shop, the player can purchase additional boosts/enhancements for gems or via bundles for real-world money.

After completing each task in the plot of a themed area, the player must move on to other themed lands that they have not yet explored. To unlock a new themed area, the player must go further in the game by completing plot missions and earning a quantity of keys required to open the new themed land. The game becomes more difficult as the player progresses.

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Unlocking a Land

Your parks are divided into lands. In order to unlock these magical lands, you’ll need some fantastic Keys. And the amount required varies by land. But don’t worry; you’ll start with five Keys from Minnie Mouse herself! You can choose between two lands by using these five keys: Fantasy or Adventure.

You’ll be able to unlock more lands as you level up your park and acquire more keys.

Likewise, you can see how many keys you currently have in the top left corner if you go to your navigation menu (map icon).

So keep collecting those Keys if you want to visit these incredible places!

As you level up your park and obtain more keys, you will be able to accumulate enough keys to unlock additional lands.

If you access your navigation menu (map icon), you will be able to see how many keys you currently have in the top left corner.

So keep on collecting those Keys to gain entry into these marvelous Lands!

Building Your Park

You’ve unlocked a magical land, and now it’s up to you to develop it and attract those incredible visitors! The process of creating your park is multi-step process.

To get all of the necessary restaurants, attractions, shops, decorations, classic Disney characters, and their various customizable variations, you’ll need stars. Playing match-3 puzzle games earns you stars. You’ll be able to complete the necessary task that will help you establish your Park once you’ve earned enough stars.

There’s a lot to build and collect, and we’re excited to see how your Park develops!

Completing Tasks

Now that you’ve unlocked a Land in Disney Wonderful Worlds, you will be given tasks to complete to help you in building your Park.

Each task is broken down by sections within the land. These tasks consist of building structures, decorating your land, welcoming Disney characters, and customizing.

The task list given is divided into small groups that can be completed in any order. Some sections have more tasks than others. Once you have completed a given task list, a new section will open within your land, and you will be given a whole new set of tasks to complete!

Tasks help in organizing your park management. There is no time limit, so you can go at it at your own relaxed pace. Watch in wonder as your park thrives and comes to life!

Decorating Your Park

Your park requires some additional embellishments in addition to restaurants, attractions, and shops. A little extra adornment for your park’s visitors to enjoy!

Tasks provide opportunities for decoration. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of flourishes. Some decoration slots have more options than others, and some have extra-special decorations that require Gems rather than Stars. Some are only available during specific events, and others are only available for a limited time.

In any case, they add a magical beauty to your Park. They can only be obtained through tasks right now, so make sure to cross these decorations off your to-do list!

Customizing Your Park

You’ve built your attractions in Disney Wonderful Worlds, you’ve gathered classic and beloved Disney characters, and now it’s time to customize your Park for a special and unique look that is all your own!

Structures and Cast Members are customizable. Each has one or more variations that can be selected to give your Park that little extra flair. Structures have added enhancements to complete their looks, while Cast Members have new and varied costumes that they can change into.

Tasks and Guest Wishes will give you the opportunity to customize. While you can only purchase one option to complete the task or guest wish, there’s nothing stopping you from returning later and purchasing the other selection, allowing you to seamlessly switch between all options at will.

Don’t forget, there are special and unique variations that will only be around for a short while, or acquired only through special events. So be always on the lookout for more frills and costumes!

Claiming your Daily Login Gift

Disney Wonderful Worlds loves to see players engaged and logging in on a daily basis, which is why we have a daily gift for those that visit us!

Every 24 hours, upon launching the game, you will have a marvelous pop-up allowing you to collect your daily gift. These gifts include boosters, tools, and gems! At the top of this Daily Bonus pop-up is your reward tracker. Notice the extra gift boxes along the way…

Collect daily gifts for six days and reach a special gift on day seven. If you miss a day, this weekly calendar will reset back to day one, so don’t miss out!

Your monthly tracker will never reset, however, so you’ll always have a chance to claim that precious Day 30 gem reward, along with the extra bonus gifts on days 8, 15, and 22.


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