Download Zombie Gunship Survival (MOD, No Overheating) free on android

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Zombie Gunship Survival (MOD, No Overheating) – multiplayer action in which you have to fight and fight back zombies, at your disposal will be a huge arsenal of weapons, for example: cruise missiles and various calibers of machine guns, the developers maximally realistically implemented the shooting of a drone.

Introduce about Zombie Gunship Survival

Since then, the game has more than one million downloads on Google Play. Now it has become the most worthy game of all time and receives a lot of positive reviews from the players.


There are many zombie games on the market, so we always look forward to a unique and different game, not just a first-person shoot-em-up shooter game. Fortunately, Zombie Gunship Survival is such a game.


In Zombie Gunship Survival, you are the last line of defense between the zombies and the human world. Your task is killing the zombies before they kill people and get to the base of your military. You will control the weapon system on the AC-130 aircraft, destroying the zombie waves below the ground before they reach the safe tunnel where the survivors are hiding. Collect resources from friends you sent to build your own military base. Each time you complete the mission you will receive a rewarding and these can help you in many things such as upgrading weapons, getting equipment bonuses, etc.



Like other zombie games, Zombie Gunship Survival has the most sophisticated weapons with about 30 different types of cannons, rockets, AKM, sniper rifle, … At the beginning you will be equipped with three types of weapons, these are 25mm auto cannon, 40mm automatic gun, and Gatling gun. You can then rely on the bonus earned from completing the zombie killing quest to upgrade your weapon. Depending on the speed and range, the type of zombies you can choose the most suitable weapon.


The game has two types of zombies that are tiny zombies walking and huge zombies running fast. You can meet them in different maps with different difficulty levels. To destroy them you need a specific strategy that suits the characteristics of each map. Use the most powerful weapon you have and kill them all, protect the world.


Zombie Gunship Survival MOD APK

Currently this game has four maps for players to freely choose:

  • Bunker Charlie: The map is surrounded by hills.
  • Bakersfield: As an industrial power plant, there is a train that runs through it every few minutes.
  • Pleasant Acres: Including the roads around the house.
  • Lockdown: The new map is released, it is like a large prison with walls surrounded.

Graphics and sound

Zombie Gunship Survival has high-quality 3D graphics, realistic image quality. The whole game is dark tone with two different modes: Zombie BHOT mode is white, the person is black, WHOT mode is the opposite. The color of the game is the same as when you use infrared glasses to observe everything at night. You can switch between modes to create the best experience for yourself.

The sound of Zombie Gunship Survival is unique and exciting. I feel quite scary whenever the mysterious music of the game is played.

How to install Zombie Gunship Survival MOD APK?

If you install the MOD version and get the error “Download failed because you may not have purchased this app”, it is because you haven’t installed the game’s OBB file. Do not worried. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Important! If you have installed the original version from Google Play, please remove it before performing the installation of the MOD version.
  2. Download the APK and OBB (MOD versions) files via the link below.
  3. Unzip “”.
  4. Copy the folder “com.flaregames.zgs” into the “Android/obb” folder.
  5. Double-tap the APK file, install it like any other normal APK file.

How to update without losing data?

You can update the MOD version without losing data if and only if both the old version and the new version are downloaded from Game Master. When a new version is available, simply download and overwrites the previous version.

Download Zombie Gunship Survival MOD APK for Android

Zombie Gunship Survival is proof that zombie games are never outdated. Now the game released on both Android and iOS, you can download and install this game for free via the links below.


Unzip/Extract the downloaded OBB, and put in the given path: /sdcard/Android/obb/

Download Section

On our site you can safetly download Zombie Gunship Survival (MOD, No Overheating) free on Android All without registration and send SMS! With good speed and without virus!