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Welcome to our Love & Pies Guide for beginners, if you are new to this game this guide will get you started with all the basics that you will need in the game.

In this cozy, drama-filled puzzle game , your goal is to help Amelia solve the mystery of her missing mom, rebuild the family cafe, serve customers a massive range of delicious food and drink — and maybe find the love of her life.

In Love & Pies, you merge together ingredients in the Kitchen to serve to hungry customers.

These customers will give you coins, which you can use to redecorate your cafe and move the story forward. Doing this will allow you to unlock endless new ingredients, meet intriguing friends and villains, and solve the many mysteries of the cafe.

How to progress in the game?

That’s a good questiong, that is why we created this Love & Pies Guide for beginners, so that you can progress in Love & Pies by making food, drinks and other goods, and serving them to customers.

Start by tapping generators to create items.

Once created, the basic food and drink items can be merged into higher level items. When part of a customer’s order is prepared it will highlight dark green, and then will highlight a light green once the full order is ready. Once served, customers will reward you with coins and they will be replaced by new customers.

Once you have gathered enough coins, you can complete the next story task.

Completing tasks will automatically progress the story forward, unveiling more of the mystery of the cafe and also unlocking new characters and events in the game.

You will gain experience points when completing tasks, this will increase your player level. Each time you level up you will receive rewards, the most important being item chests. Item chests are very important, as they contain generator pieces, coins, diamonds and other useful items that will help you progress in the game.

The cafe will also get repaired, cleaned-up and decorated as you progress through the story and tasks. You will usually get three decoration choices for larger cafe upgrades, but you will also unlock smaller upgrades as you uncover the story and meet more characters.

Occasionally you will encounter special customers who will ask for something unique – serve them to unlock secret rewards and learn more about the characters you love!

Keep merging, serve customers, complete tasks and decorate the cafe while solving mysteries!

What are all the different elements on the Kitchen board?

There are multiple different types of items on the Kitchen board. Here’s an overview on Love & Pies Guide for beginners:

Generators: These are the source of all items in the game. You start by making a grocery bag and a drinks tray, but there are many more to unlock and upgrade. Tap on a generator to create items.

Items: The food, drink and other goodies that you create in the game. Basic versions come from generators, but you will need to merge them to create better food and drink that customers want.

Covered Tiles: Early in the game, a lot of space on the board will be covered up. To uncover these tiles, you need to make a merge NEXT TO the covered tile.

Locked Tiles: You can see items on these tiles, but you can’t move them — they’re stuck in place! To unlock these tiles you need to merge the stuck item with another identical item.

Bubbles: Sometimes a generator will create a bubble. Inside is an item, but you need to spend gems to unlock it. If you don’t, the bubble will instead become a coin.

How do I make more space on my Kitchen board?

The Kitchen is a busy place, and space can be hard to come by! There are several ways to free up space when you need it.

  • You can store any item in your STORAGE if it is not already full. Your storage can be found by tapping the refrigerator icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen. To store an item, simply DRAG it from the board to the storage icon. To get an item back again, open your storage, and tap on any item within to put it back on the board. You can also EXPAND your storage by unlocking new slots with diamonds.

  • You can also delete or sell items to free up space on your board. Often it can be worth selling simpler items (like Bags of Flour) because they’re so easy to get again later.

To delete an item, TAP an item on the board, then look at the INFO PANEL at the bottom of the screen. Tap the red TRASH CAN button to delete the item.

Love & Pies Guide for beginners

Some higher-level items can even be sold for coins. TAP an item on the board, then look at the INFO PANEL at the bottom of the screen. Tap the blue “$” button to sell the item.

Note that some items cannot be currently sold or deleted. This is the case for generators and generators pieces.

Did you delete or sell an item by mistake? Don’t worry! As soon as you delete an item, look at the INFO PANEL. You should see a red “UNDO” button. Tap this, and the item will be restored!

Where can I get more Diamonds?

Diamonds allow you to do a lot of things in Love & Pies. You can either purchase more diamonds from the Shop, or you can earn them from reward chests.

Reward chests are earned either through LEVELLING UP, or through FINISHING A STORY DAY.

Where can I get more info about the items I’m making?

Most items in Love & Pies are part of larger ITEM PATHS. For example, Bags of Flour become Mixing Bowls, which become Cookies, and so on. This chain of items is what we call an item path.

To learn more about an item path, you can:

  1. Tap on the item or generator you want to learn more about. Then tap on the blue “i” button in the INFO PANEL. The info panel is at the bottom of the screen, in between the Storage and Back to Cafe buttons.
  2. Tap on any of the items in a customer’s order

How do Generators work?

GENERATORS are the source of most items in Love & Pies. Often you create them yourself by merging certain items together. For example, you can merge together Shopping Lists and Empty Bags until you get a full Grocery Bag generator.

TAP on a generator, and it will create specific items. The grocery bag, for example, creates Bags of Flour and (more rarely) Apples. You can then merge these items together to make different food items.

If you tap on a generator enough, it will temporarily run out of items and need time to fill up again! At this point, you can either wait and come back later, or you can spend some diamonds to refill immediately.

To refill the generator using diamonds, look at the INFO PANEL located right at the bottom of the screen.

If you have a generator selected, you will see a green button that says “Skip”. If you have enough diamonds, you can press this button to refill the generator.

How can I upgrade my Generators?

Like item paths, generators themselves can also evolve! This happens slowly as you progress through the game.

To upgrade a generator, you need to find items of the GENERATOR PATH. You can find these items in reward chests that you receive from LEVELLING UP and FINISHING A STORY DAY. Merge these items together to make new and upgraded generators.

Upgrading a generator makes it more powerful, increasing its chances of creating better items for you, which in turn makes it faster to serve your customers!

To find out more about a generator’s item path, tap on the item or generator you want to learn more about. Then tap on the blue “i” button in the INFO PANEL. The info panel is at the bottom of the screen, in between the Storage and Back to Cafe buttons.

Why don’t I have many customers to serve?

When you serve lots of customers at once, you may notice that you don’t have so many new customers to serve.

This is because new customers take time to arrive at the cafe and give you a food or drink order.

But don’t worry — if you come back later in the day, more customers will have arrived at the cafe with more orders to complete. Some customers only take a few minutes to appear, while others take longer.

There is also a maximum number of customers that appear at a time depending on your PLAYER LEVEL. Once you reach level 6 or higher and complete Day 4 of the story, you should have up to six customers with different orders.

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How do Bubbles work?

Sometimes, when you are merging items together, a Bubble will be created. Inside the bubble is an item that will be a copy of the last item you just made.

You need to spend diamonds on a bubble to get the item inside. To do this: tap on the bubble, and then look at the INFO PANEL at the bottom of the screen. There you will see a green “Unlock” button. If you have enough diamonds, tap this button to receive the item.

If you don’t do this, the bubble will eventually disappear on its own — but it will still give you a free coin that you can use to progress the story.

How do I create Bread items?

In order to make Bread, you have to first unlock the Oven generator.

You should be able to create your first Basic Oven (level 5) by playing the story and by opening item chests.

The Basic Oven will create Basic Trays, that can be combined until you will obtain a Bread Basket (level 5).

The Bread Basket is a consumable generator that will create Slices of Bread and Cheese Sandwiches. These can be further combined to create sandwiches and other higher level delicious food for your customers.

A consumable generator has a certain number of items in it. When they’ve all been created, the generator will vanish. You will need to create a new one to continue making bread and sandwiches.

Where did my Cat Basket go?

In Love & Pies, there are special events called STORY PATHS. In a story path, one particular character will ask for a special item.

Early on, for example, Joe needs your help finding Marshmallow the cat! You will quickly create a Cat Basket generator that helps you create Cats.

Once you complete a story path, all of the items and generators related to it will disappear and be replaced with diamonds and coins as a reward for reaching the end of the item path.

This is because only one special customer will ever ask for these items — and that item is now in your cafe!

I want to change my Cafe Decorations

Want to change a decoration choice in your cafe? No problem!

Just TAP AND HOLD on any item in your cafe. You should see a loading progress bar — the Choose Cafe Improvement menu will then open and you can select any of the available three options.

Tap the confirm button, or just tap on another cafe area to change more decorations at once!

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