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How to donate a booster to a teammate?

Anyone on your squad can now get a booster pack as a gift. To donate a booster, go to the team screen and touch ‘Donate Booster.’ You’ll then see a drop-down menu with your colleagues listed. You have the option of sending a booster to a specific teammate or to ‘Anyone,’ in which case it will be claimed by the first teammate to hit ‘Collect.’

How to join a team

By scrolling through the ‘Teams’ area, searching for a specific team, or via an invitation link, you can join a team.

Joining a team allows you to talk with and help your teammates on a daily basis, compete in unique competitions, and win money and boosters!

Remember that you must acquire 300 stars in order to join a team.

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How to leave a team?

You can leave a team you’re a part of by pressing the “Info” button and then “Leave Team.” By pressing the “Join Team” button, you can search for new teams to join or create your own.

If you are the team’s owner and want to transfer ownership to another member, please make them an administrator in the team. Make them a team admin again after that, and your ownership will be transferred.

Create your own team

To form your own team in the game, you must first ensure that you are not currently a member of one. On the Team’s webpage, you can join an existing team or start a new one with 300 coins. You can customize your team by modifying the name, profile image, trophy restriction, and other options by hitting the ‘make your own team’ button.

Go ahead and open it once you’re satisfied with your team’s settings. You can have up to 50 members in a team, and make other team members admins so that they can help you out.

Kicked out of team

Unfortunately, being kicked out of a team after putting in the effort to earn stars and contribute to the weekly team box may be incredibly disheartening.

At any time during the game, team leaders have the ability to add or remove players. If you were removed from a team, we recommend that you look for a new team that is a better fit for you.


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